Sunday, June 14, 2009

A last look back.

So, the boxes are packed and moved, the transfer memos have been written, and I am officially out of Norwalk.

Before I left, I sat on the couch and thought of who I was leaving behind:

DiSab: came in late, left early, refused to wear his reading glasses unless he was using them in trial for effect.

Gabe: every couple of hours, like clockwork; either a question or something he wanted proofread. If he was waiting on the couch for me to finish, within 10 minutes, he'd be snoring like a fiend.

Cappucino: Son of a bitch looks 20. And he's also eaten at El Bulli. And I like the guy anyway.

CRod: One of the guys, but she happens to be an attractive woman. Now pregnant, that emotional pendulum should make for great arguments with her custody clients. I'll forever be indebted to her for turning me on to Mom's Burgers.

Snooze: My twisted, demented, partner in crime. He just got back, and now I'm gone. It was never a fully adult conversation at lunch unless Snooze was there.

Noguchi-san: The zen-master. The best court partner Gabe Martinez ever had.

Mendez: I'll miss her balance ball chair.

Daniel: The new guy, and a crude, sexist germophobe; he is a perfect fit for Norwalk.

The Commodore: The old, crusty veteran. Always armed with a joke, and some leftist political commentary.

So long, gang, and thanks for the use of the hall.

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