Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another year, another transfer

So, Thursday, I found out that I'm being transferred again. This time, I'm leaving my felony trial assignment in Norwalk for the early disposition program in East Los Angeles. My understanding is that I will be handling felony matters for settlement or for preliminary hearing.

A couple of benefits to the move; one is that I no longer have the stress of a trial rotation. Once I handle a preliminary hearing, it's done, and I don't have to deal with that case any more. Another benefit is the fact that I will be much closer to home; my house is just minutes away via surface streets.

A couple of cons, though. One, is I lose my 9/80 day. In felonies, you work a "9/80" schedule, where you get every other Friday off. This position I'm going to is a more traditional 5 day/week schedule. No great harm, but I will miss my regular day off (RDO). The other con is the fact that I will miss my Norwalk assignment. I enjoy being in felony trials; the hustle/bustle of court work, the give/take with the bench and the DA's, and my colleagues. I have some really good friends there in Norwalk, and it will be a shame to lose the daily contact. Plus, I'm leaving a sweet courthouse gig; I've got a great judge and DA, and it's the best courtroom gig I've ever had. But, I knew all along that great things don't last; and I enjoyed every minute there.

So, every transfer that comes along, I think of all the places I've been. It's a long list:

12/94-4/95: Criminal Courts Building (CCB), Downtown LA, Misdemeanor Training
4/95-5/95: Metropolitan Courthouse, Los Angeles, DUI Training, Misdemeanor Trials
5/95-1/97: South Gate Courthouse, South Gate, Misdemeanor Trials
1/97-1/98: East LA Courthouse, East Los Angeles, Misdemeanor Trials
1/98-3/99: Pomona Juvenile Court, Pomona, Juvenile Practice
3/99-9/99: CCB, Downtown LA, Calendar Deputy, Misdemeanor Trainer
9/99-2/02: Norwalk Courthouse, Norwalk, Felony Trials
2/02-1/03: Huntington Park Courthouse, Huntington Park, Deputy-in-Charge, Misdemeanor Trials
1/03-1/04: Public Integrity Assurance Section, Downtown LA, staff attorney
1/04-3/05: Long Beach Courthouse, Long Beach, Felony Trials
3/05-3/06: Metropolitan Courthouse, Los Angeles, Early Disposition/Preliminary Hearings
3/06-6/09: Norwalk Courthouse, Norwalk, Felony Trials.

That's what a public defender's resume in Los Angeles County looks like. Lot's of movement, lots of friends, and lots of goodbyes.

I've said lots of goodbyes over the years. One would think that it gets easier. I've found that it doesn't.

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